Sunday, June 05, 2011

Got My First Google Adsense Check..Yay!

I finally got my very first Google Adsense check...yay! The amount is not that significant compared to my affiliate earnings but I know this would be the first of many. Most of the earnings came from this blog. And that was before - the time when I didn't give much thought about Adsense and put much effort on earning online through Google Adsense. Now that I have several other websites with Adsense on it, hopefully the second check will be out next month :)

We'll see..


Andrew James said...

Congratulations on your first check. I'm still waiting to get up to $10 for my first one, it's only been three years.

admin said...

Just keep on posting content on your blog and before you know it, your check is on its way...And, 3 years is still too soon for non-full time IMs like us, so go get it!

Anonymous said...

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