Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Why I Invested In Three More Mutual Funds This Year

This year I have invested my extra money to three more mutual funds and they are FAMI's Save and Learn Equity Fund, PEMI's PhilEquity Fund, and MFCP's ATRKimEng Equity Opportunity Fund. I chose equity funds because I'm investing for my babies' college education which won't happen until after twelve years the earliest. I have a Balanced Fund invested with Sunlife in 2005 and it is intended for my first-born son's college education. He's still in Grade 1 now and I believe that with mutual funds I can be ready financially when he goes to college 9 or 10 years down the road. I actually thought of transferring it to to equity fund for more growth over the years.

Family and friends who knew of my investment inclinations ask me why invest in mutual funds to fund my kids' college education and why not get educational plans offered by pre-need companies instead. Well, I'm no financial expert but I can say that I am a self-made financial literate - thanks to the countless books I've read, websites I have visited, and personal finance advisors I have met online such as Bro Bo Sanchez, Francisco Colayco, Efren Cruz and many others.

There are more reasons than one why a mutual fund investment is much, much better than buying an educational plan that I'm afraid I won't be able to cover them expertly here. Mutual funds have proven to be one of the best investment vehicles to get the most out of your savings long term. Investing in mutual funds is just like entrusting your money to someone hoping that he can make your money grow in time. Of course this someone is not just any one, this someone is an expert in investing and he is called the mutual funds fund manager.

For one, with mutual funds you are buying into the fund manager's expertise to maximize returns and minimize risks. You don't have to spend the time learning about stock investing, for instance, with mutual funds. Your fund manager does all the research, selection, managing and monitoring of your investments.

Second, mutual fund is a 'poor' man's investment vehicle. Well, who among us regular income earner can afford to buy multiple shares of big companies or real estate for as low as P5,000.00? With mutual funds, you can.

Another advantage of investing in mutual funds is its liquidity. Your investment is readily available to cash the moment you need it.

I will do peso cost averaging for all my mutual funds investments to maximize growth.

My next financial goal this month is to invest in another mutual funds for me and hubby's retirement nest egg.


I will venture into Stocks investing with Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club instead to diversify my investment portfolio. Hopefully I can start this month.

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