Saturday, February 07, 2009

Too Many Hearts for Me.. :)

I've changed look..again. The headers and graphics used in my blog's template messed up with Photobucket so I had no choice but to change them. Since it is only a week away to Valentine's day, many bloggers are changing the look of their blogs to something heartsy and romantic. And, I joined in..heheh..See what I've got? A blog with lots of hearts :D

"You can give without loving,
but you can't love without giving."

Love month has come. Many people may despise it, but personally, I simply love everything about Valentine's day. I'm a self-confessed hopeless romantic . Yesterday, I ordered a gift for hubby online from to be delivered to his quarters on the 14th. I want to surprise him so I'm keeping my lips sealed. I'm not giving away any clues, or hints, or whatever. His past assignments were to places beyond online gift shops' serviceable areas, so this would be the first time he'd receive a gift without him being aware of it. Even now I'm too excited to imagine how he would react when the delivery man give him the gift, with a stem of red rose and heart-shaped ballons. Would he be embarrased in front of his buddies? You bet he would. But, I know he'd love it.

I and my babies will also be having a date this Valentine's day. I'm treating them to Jollibee! My youngest is not feeling well since these past couple of days but I'm doing everything so she won't miss the fun.

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