Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That Thing Called Bluetooth

I have been trying to figure out for many days now how I can connect to the Internet using my Samsung 3G phone as a modem as it doesn't come with a data cable or a bluetooth adapter to hook it up with my laptop. I know I've got to have either of the two to get connected but I was hoping there's a sort of roundabout of doing it. I've looked here and there till my wanderings led me to bluetooth technology articles and wireless bluetooth headsets reviews.

Bluetooth technology allows compatible devices to communicate with each other over low frequency radio waves, thus, these devices don't have to be in line of sight of each other to connect. The technology is becoming a popular way to stay connected wirelessly. Bluetooth enables you to connect to the internet, share or transfer files, stream music and a lot, lot more.

Wireless bluetooth headsets can help you more productive, most of the reviews say, because they are totally hands-free. It can also keep you safe. In the US, new state laws require drivers to use hands-free communications while driving. A lot of road accidents do happen when people hold a phone in one hand talking and grip the steering wheel with the other hand.

The more I read about wireless bluetooth headsets, the more I was getting convinced that I've got to have one. For a multi-tasking mom that's me, the only way to go is wireless, I guess. But no, I won't give in to the temptation to get myself a bluetooth headset no matter how good that sounds. Unless I can find another income-generating activity to fund it. I made myself a promise never to buy wants with my active income...And I'm keeping it. I should have a Bluetooth dongle though.

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