Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Son Wants To Be a Helicopter Pilot!

These photos were taken from a camera phone by my 5-year-old son Gabriel when we sent off his dad to the airport last week. His dad was off to Philippine Army Headquarters to undergo a 6-month rigorous UN peacekeeping force training. Their batch will be deployed to either Haiti or Liberia this July.

My son can't seem to get enough of helicopters that day. He was unmindful of all the airplanes that hovered in and out the airport all along. His attention was fixed to the three choppers that transported a high-ranking military officer and his escorts. We were having our lunch in one of the canteens at the airport compound when they arrived. We had to go to the back and take the pictures from behind barbed wires.

How he'd love to drive one of those himself! Lol... I told him, not now baby, later when you're old enough. Now I have the reason to ask him to go to school (he hates pre-school!) because pilots go to school, right? Ahahah...

When asked who would be the first one he'd let in for a helicopter ride, he quips, "Yra! And baby Arra, too!"

I and hubby thought he would grow up to be in the Army, but I guess we're wrong. Air Force, here he comes!

My future pilot with one of his favorite passengers.

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