Monday, December 29, 2008

Paying It Forward with oDesk

We - the whole family including the babies - just came home from a one-hour travel from my hometown at Initao, Misamis Oriental, a somewhat laid-back province, where we gave gifts of rice, canned goods and noodles (a poor man's rice) to some 60 poor and needy families. The recipients were mostly families of tricycle drivers with almost nothing even an electricity to light up their homes. Some of them didn't have something to cook that day.

This is the second time in my entire life that I was able to share a little of what I am materially blessed to have. I was happy that my hubby came home just in time to share with me the excitement of the event. He was unselfish enough to allow me to do this even if we ourselves were wanting. I spent two weeks' worth of oDesk earnings for the gift-giving. I know this ain't much but I am satisfied that somehow I was able to help in my own little way.

I myself had been touched by people's kindness and generosity. I'd been trying to make money online since a couple of years ago and I met this man named Andre B (aka excssnrgy) from Edmonton, Canada. We were both members of an online program that looked very promising where he benefactored me so I could get into an earning plan. He was not my referrer so the motivation in benefactoring me was not to get some referral money. He was a complete stranger and we never communicated before. I just received an email informing me that I had money sitting in my account. By the way, the program itself had their own benefactor program called Eliteventures Gifts where I was also a recipient.

The program never lasted. But he was still there to lend financial support when my older sister had a CS giving birth to her son we named Andrei Emmanuel . It was not a simple operation because of some complications. Andrei turned one last June.

I can also still remember how we lined up for "pinaskuhan" (Christmas gifts) of rice and canned goods in our local church every December when I was a child so I know how much this gift-giving mean to these needy people.

I am paying it forward now. Thanks to oDesk for making this possible. Had it not been for oDesk, I wouldn't be earning a decent income online and wouldn't have the chance to save up for this charity work. Thanks to all my previous and present oDesk buyers. You're all a part of this. Special thanks to Jon over at Old Time Radio Catalog and Lynda of HomeBased Working Moms. Your gifts help me put a smile on these people's faces and give them hope no matter how bleak their situation may be.

I thank God for His graciousness to let me forget about myself and think about others - specially at this time of the year.


Orie said...


It's inspiring to read about your willingness to share your good fortune with others.

On behalf of oDesk and the community I would like to wish you a very successful and fulfilling 2009.

Orie (oDesk)

dÅrk Ängé£ ½ said...

Mabuhay ka and more power, Arlene! It's heart-warming and hope-inducing to know that there are still people like you here in the Philippines.

I'm still fairly new in oDesk and am still looking for bigger assignments. I hope and pray that I'll also achieve some degree of success as an oDesk freelancer soon, so that I can give back (or pay forward) a share of my blessings to the community.

Happy New Year!

Rebecca Haden said...

That's wonderful! Happy New Year, and here's wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2009.

Likke said...

This is very inspiring indeed! I am hoping I can do this soon when I go back to Iligan and earn a huge sum from oDesk. ;)

Katherine said...

I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing

Blogger said...

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