Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all. WAHM WannaBe wishes you the merriest, warmest and most enjoyable Christmas ever!

My little baby is sick with chickenpox. I noticed the small, red rashes on her skin just this morning. Chickenpox started with me last month, then my Yra had it two weeks after, and now my poor little baby. I checked with Yra's pedia before and asked if her little baby sister could have chickenpox vaccine but the pedia said only babies one year old and above can have this vaccine. A chickenpox on Christmas day, whew! Good thing I have the pedia's home phone number so I was able to consult her even during her day off at the clinic.

The kids and their cousins had their Christmas party and I played Santa to all of them. Oh, how I love to see gratefulness in their eyes for the gifts they received. I had the gifts wrapped on the 23rd and Yra was just too excited she doesn't wait for Christmas Eve to open her gift. I will post the pics of the party later :)

Aside from giving my babies a gift from their wishlist, I also opened Young Saver's accounts for all three of them at one of the biggest Cooperative in the country. I reckon this is much better than putting their money on bank deposit, letting it sleep while inflation eat the measly interest up! Well, the Coop's interest is not that high enough to forget about inflation but at least it's higher than what banks offer. I also want to inculcate in their minds this early the importance of saving. The accounts came with plastic coin banks with kiddie prints. I hope my babies will be more attracted to put in there loose change.

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