Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's 7 Days Before Christmas and We Got Bombed!!

MANILA, Philippines – Two people were killed while 27 others were wounded after two separate explosions rocked two major shopping centers in the southern Philippines Thursday afternoon.

A GMA Flash Report said the explosion in Uni City occurred at about 1:45 p.m. while the blast in JBC Shoppers Plaza minutes later.

Both malls are located on Aguinaldo Street.

The report said the bombs were left by the still unidentified men in the baggage counters of the said shopping centers.

The report said authorities have cordoned off Aguinaldo St. The victims have yet to be identified. - Aie Balagtas See, GMANews.TV

News Update:
(Updated 5:19 p.m.) ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - Two people were killed and 38 others were wounded Thursday afternoon in two separate explosions that rocked two major shopping centers in Iligan City.

The military said at least six people were hurt, but the local Red Cross said as many as 38 people were injured in the blasts that sent Christmas shoppers out in the streets.

An L-300 van was also destroyed in the attack, reports said.

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It was so shocking and disgusting!

It's Christmas time, and yet we got this! I know these criminals don't believe in Christmas for doing this horrible thing. Is sowing fear and killing innocent people make these criminals happy? If they could only see the pregnant wife of the dead baggage staff. It's so disheartening.

We love this city and we want it to grow. Iliganons are peace-loving people, with a ready smile to greet even a stranger on the street.

I hope everybody will take a minute or two to pray for the victims. And let's pray also, that these ruthless criminals be enlightened to stop hurting innocent civilians.

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