Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm sick :(

I'm not feeling really well since yesterday. I'm sick with chickenpox which gave me headaches and makes me feel dizzy most of the time. I filed a leave from my office work and just stayed at home. I am so sad because I have to isolate myself from the kids. I am taking acyclovir so I could not sleep with my baby and breastfeed her throughout the night. So sad :( I thought of giving her a vaccine next week if it's advisable already for babies as young as she. It is so hard to shut myself off completely from my kids because they are all too clingy - they all wanted me most of the time.

I welcome the respite from office work to do my online jobs. It's a relief I can work from home without worrying about my horrible face! Hopefully this will die down this weekend.

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