Saturday, November 22, 2008 Is Evolving

I went over to earlier today to do some web search and I was surprised to see some changes. This search engine has got me hooked because of its simple and clean layout, plus the fact that I don't have to know the advanced search techniques to get more relevant results from my queries. I still use Google for most of my searches but I find it a good idea to try and explore other search engines too.

It's good to know that people behind this Find Engine and Directory is constantly improving the site for the benefit of its users.

As a content directory, the site offers articles on popular topics like Computers, Business, and Environment. The search engine will give you brief but useful information about the category when you click the category name. Now, how cool is that? And you didn't even click the Find button yet!

In this case I clicked the Business category and what I got is an article that talks about business and how I go about having one. The article even advises someone considering putting up a business to work with a business plan first.

The new changes also include related search results that will give users the idea what the other searchers are looking for. Sub-categories are organized and listed on the left side of the window. Talk about being clutter-free!

I'm sure the people behind won't stop making changes and I'm looking forward to any other changes in the future. As their homepage says "We're evolving. Check back soon!"

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