Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How To Avoid Work from Home Jobs Scam

Many people especially mommies are looking for a new career where they can work at home and still make money. With this a number of websites pop up almost everyday to offer work at home jobs. However, there are hundreds work at home scams floating around on the Internet that you need to watch out for.

How do you get yourself protected from these scams? You only need a few things to go by when looking for a legitimate work at home job.

First, be wary of jobs that promise you can get rich quickly. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of job ads that ask you to send money first to receive information about the job or ask you to buy something to begin the program. Most legitimate job advertisements do not require an investment on your part except your effort. You are looking for a job, right? So you shouldn't be paying them to get the job in the first place.
Shady work at home schemes usually require no experience, yet they guarantee that you will make a large sum.

Avoid work at home job ads with typing errors in them - it is indicative of an unprofessional company. It is also wise to look for the advertiser's contact information in the job advertisement. If there is none, it usually means it is not a legitimate ad. Job descriptions that are vague is also indicative of a scam.

Actually, there are many genuine work at home jobs available on the Internet. There are several freelance websites that post freelance jobs you can do from home like oDesk.

Reputable freelance work forums can be a good source of information about reliable job listings available out there. I came to know about oDesk from a member my_addict_mind's posting at Pinoy Money Talk forum. Once you've found an advertisement for a work at home job, you may want to make sure to check out the company by paying their website a visit.

Take it from someone who had been there..


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