Friday, February 16, 2007

Type International Lied About My Checks

lSa totoo lang, I am having doubts if "badmouthing the company" is the only and real reason why Typeinternational deleted my account. As I was browsing the net yesterday, I came across this message board and saw this post from an ex-member Alican

Ganyan din kasi situation ko with TI dati. I had an August check of $124 - they said was sent on August 18, 2006 - which I never got hold of. I then assumed it was stolen in the mail and blamed our local post office.

Then on October, I had another check worth $118 that again, TI didn't send. This time around, all Philippine checks are being sent to a PHil franchisee in Manila first, then the franchisee will send it to the addressee through courier. When I inquired Mr Bell about my check, this is what he said in an email:

I then emailed the franchisee and forwarded Mr. Bell's email. To my surprise, she said she didn't received any October check in my name. I requested her to follow it up and this is Mr Bell's reply to her which she forwarded to me.

I then forwarded her email to Mr Bell, and this came the reply:

Ano ba talaga kuya??

I was also a member of which I believe sa kanila din yon kahit na ideny ng TI. Kym of TI runs ozwebresources and membership fees are paid to Mr. Robert D Bell's name. I was a member for three months; I stopped because ni kusing wla akong nakuha sa kanila. They said my earnings were added to my TI account and TI will send it altogether.

Pati yon naglaho when TI deleted/terminated my account

That being said, laki na utang ng TI sa akin. Aug1 check of $124, Oct15 of $118, ozweb check of $160, 2 December checks worth over $300 plus a Feb1 check of over $100.

Kaya when presented an opportunity, plus the fact that I STOPPED PROMOTING them to others, they deleted my account on grounds of badmouthing them.

I caught them shamelessly lying about my Oct15 check eh.

Actually before I joined TI, I was fully aware of all the negative issues about them. Kaya lang, wla pa kasing Pinoy na nagsasabi na-scam cya ng TI kaya go pa rin ako. I gave TI the benefit of a doubt. It's my nature kasi to look at both sides of a coin. At eto na nga, nakita ko na. gagged

Masakit din pala..But God is good talaga kasi these all happen while kaya ko pa emotionally. It's not much about the money. It's about the feeling of being betrayed, and the GUILT. You know, I promoted the opportunity, stood up for them, bring them new members who are nahihirapan in doing the assignments at hinihintay lang mabawi man lang ang pinambayad na reg fee at stop na. If they don't get terminated first, that is...

I have yet to get over with guilt...and move on..


Anonymous said...

hay i was about to join pa naman its a good thing na alam ko na mga kalokohan nila so i wont jump in basta basta.sayang in a way scam din pala cla

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